Goals - Metas

Our primary purpose is to serve not only our clients but our community who has been with us since the beginning.  Our values are committee to provide the best possible service to everyone that trusts, believes, and understands that our objective is to develop the ultimate and premier treatment for everyone’s needs.

Nuestro primordial propósito es servirle no solamente a nuestros clientes si no también a nuestra comunidad que ha estado con nosotros desde el principio.  Nuestros valores se comprometen a realizar los mejores servicios a todos los que confían, creen, y entienden nuestro objetivo de desarrollar el ultimo y eficaz tratamiento para las necesidades de cada uno.


Our Story - Nuestra Historia


Our mixture of many different cultures; Indian, Spaniard, French , and perhaps from other regions of the world, helps us understand that our origin is not that significant, but the most important factor that guides us to become decent human beings is to have the values and morals that our parents taught us, which help us identify and understand that in order to succeed as a  society, mutual respect is necessary in our everyday life. 

Nuestra mezcla de varias culturas; indígenas, española, francesas, y otras regiones diferentes nos hace evaluar que el origen es insignificante, lo importante que nos describe como humanos es tener valores y morales que nuestros padres nos enseñaron en nuestras vidas lo que nos hace identificar y expresar que el respeto mutuo es necesario para el progreso de la sociedad, y el bienestar y beneficio del ser humano.



    Our Team          Nuestro Equipo

Focused in providing our best possible services for the sake of our city, environment, people, clients, friends, family and to everyone that we can service and help.

Enfocados en proveer nuestros mejores servicios para el porvenir de nuestra ciudad, ambiente, personas, clientes, amigo, familia y al que podamos servirle y ayudar.

Dr. Mimi

Founder & CEO

Graduated as Naturopathic Doctor in 2005- Specializing in the following practices;  Chiropractic, Colon Hydrotherapy, Neural Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Certified Emotional Consultant, Certified Natural Health Counselor, 8yrs. specializing in Pre/Post Operations of Esthetic Procedures, & over 10yrs. of Physical Therapy specialization. UCLA/UNAM Medicine School. World traveler, fine dining, reading & research development, community-charity services.

Richard Baltodano

CFO/VP Operations

Professional experiences in different industries with many years of successful and outstanding achievements ; Telecom, Real Estate & Investments/Acquisitions, Health Care.  A graduate of the University of Miami & Miami Dade Community College. A sport fan, traveler, photography, arts, research/studies & community volunteer.

Our Customer Service

Our team members are a great addition to our organization.  They are willing to go the extra mile to meet  your demands, our vision & goals, and are consider to be an important part of our success, while being instrumental in providing a premier and unparalleled customer service.

Next Steps...Próximo Paso

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Si necesita información adicional, por favor comuníquese a nuestro email/correo electrónico.   Gracias